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Friday, April 29, 2005

Combat terrorism?

Cambodia agreed to make its borders more secure against terrorism with the help of the UN and Britain.


  • Radio Australia - News - Cambodia signs international deal to combat terrorism

    Last Updated 29/04/2005, 15:06:34

    Cambodia, Britain and the United Nation's migration agency have signed an agreement to boost Cambodia's border security.

    The three-year project, costing more than US$1 million and funded by Britain, aims to tackle terrorism and trans-national crime.

    Cambodia, is widely seen as a weak link in Southeast Asia's fight against terrorism.

    Three Muslims accused of being members of the regional terror network, Jemaah Islamiyah, were convicted in Cambodia last December of plotting to attack the British embassy with Indonesian suspect Hambali.

    Hambali, who is now in US custody, spent several months in Cambodia undetected.

    United States ambassador named

    A White House spokesman says President George W. Bush has chosen senior career diplomat, Joseph Mussomeli, to be the next US envoy in Cambodia.

    Mr Mussomeli is currently deputy chief of mission in the Philippines.

    He has also served in Bahrain and Morocco.

    Ambassadorial nominations are subject to US Senate approval.

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