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Friday, April 29, 2005

Back to normal?

Hun Sen called on Sam Rainsy to return to Cambodia. The latter won't be arrested? Is it because he's under international pressure?


  • Radio Australia - News - Cambodian Opposition leader free to return, says PM

    Last Updated 29/04/2005, 04:52:52

    Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on self-exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy to return home, assuring him he won't be arrested.

    Sam Rainsy fled the country in early February after the National Assembly stripped him and two of his deputies of their parliamentary immunity.

    It was a move that opened the way for him to be detained on defamation charges.

    But the prime minister says there's not enough evidence to warrant his arrest, and he should return to continue his work.

    A Sam Rainsy Party spokesman says the party wants written assurances from Hun Sen before it will trust his word.

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  • Cambodian PM says cannot guarantee opposition leader's freedom

    Tue May 3, 4:13 AM ET

    Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen said he could not guarantee the freedom of opposition leader Sam Rainsy if he returned home, apparently backpedalling on an assurance he made last week.

    Sam Rainsy fled Cambodia in early February after he and two of his deputies were stripped of their parliamentary immunity, opening the way for him to be arrested on defamation charges.

    One of the two MPs fled to the United States while the second was arrested in Cambodia.

    Last week, Hun Sen assured Sam Rainsy that nobody had strong enough evidence to arrest him and asked him to return and resume his job, but he told reporters he would not intervene if the court decided to issue a warrant.

    "You escaped the country by yourself. If you want to come back, you can come back by yourself. No one will hurt you (but) I cannot guarantee your safety," Hun Sen said.

    "If the court issues a warrant to arrest you, I will implement this... I did not appeal to him (Sam Rainsy) to come back. I was just talking about his right to come back," he added.

    The premier said Sam Rainsy had "better wait until his next life" if he was hoping for a letter of guarantee that he would remain free.

    Sam Rainsy Party members had requested such a letter but Sam Rainsy told AFP last week he planned to return anyway next week to sit on a new national border council which was supposed to meet next Monday.

    Former king Norodom Sihanouk, who is the chairman of the seven-member council, said on Monday however that he was delaying his return to Cambodia from China due to deteriorating health, disrupting the meeting plans.

    Instead Sihanouk invited the council members to visit him in Beijing.

    Sam Rainsy faces defamation charges over allegations that national assembly president Norodom Ranariddh accepted a 30-million dollar bribe to join Hun Sen's coalition government as well as claims Hun Sen was plotting to kill him.

    The national assembly's lifting of the opposition lawmakers' immunity drew criticism from local activists, the United States, the United Nations and US-based Human Rights Watch.

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