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Friday, February 04, 2005

Please who?

Strongman said: “They were stripped of their immunity because they abused someone’s right. Democracy must be under the roof of the law. If democracy [exists] under the image of anarchy, it is not democracy. What we have done is just to please our people and the country. It is not to please someone else."

Our people and the country want food and basic needs. Why doesn't the Strongman provide that instead of protecting corrupt officials and enriching himself. By having surrounded the NA with tanks before the vote, did this show democracy or anarchy or dictatorship? This is the law of the guns. This was to show the MPS that they would be arrested if they did not vote for the lifting of immunity. Who to please? Of course to please the Strongman and his cohort SKP. Not to please the Khmer people.

Khmer people live in poverty today.

Read Samdech Euv's message regarding our people begging for food at

By silencing the oppotion, the Strongman can continue to rule absolutely. It cannot last forever. Look at the fates of Marcos of The Philippines and Suharto of Indonesia.

Justice and democracy will prevail!


  • Friday February 4, 8:14 PM
    Cambodia opposition leader who fled country arrives in
    (Kyodo) _ Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy has
    arrived in France after fleeing Cambodia to escape
    arrest over defamation lawsuits, his party announced

    Sam Rainsy will return to Cambodia "as soon as he
    receives a legitimate court summons with specific
    charges," a statement released by the Sam Rainsy Party

    The statement said Sam Rainsy plans to travel in
    Europe and North America and meet with government
    officials and human rights organizations.

    Sam Rainsy fled the country on Thursday after the
    National Assembly stripped him of immunity from
    prosecution in the wake of lawsuits filed against him
    by Prime Minister Hun Sen and the assembly leader
    Prince Norodom Ranariddh.

    Sam Rainsy Party spokesman Ung Bun-Ang said opposition
    lawmakers will boycott sessions of the National
    Assembly until the controversy is resolved.

    After the assembly voted in favor of the motion, Sam
    Rainsy was escorted by a U.S. diplomat to Phnom Penh
    International Airport, where he boarded a plane to

    I AM :

    Cheam Channy, a lawmaker in Sam Rainsy's party who was
    also stripped of immunity from prosecution, was
    arrested and charged Friday by a military court for
    allegedly recruiting soldiers for the party's shadow

    Chea Poch, another lawmaker who had his immunity
    stripped, faces a libel lawsuit filed by Prince

    The move by Hun Sen's government against the three
    parliamentarians drew quick condemnation from the
    international community, especially the United States.

    In Washington, Sen. Mitch McConnell called on donor
    countries to consider sanctions against Cambodia.

    "Any activities with the National Assembly should be
    immediately and indefinitely suspended," McConnell
    said in a statement released Thursday.

    He also urged the U.S. State Department to ban
    Cambodian lawmakers who voted for the motion from
    entering the United States.

    Prince Ranariddh said Friday he was not concerned by
    the statement issued by McConnell, saying the issue
    concerns the internal affairs of Cambodia.

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