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Friday, January 28, 2005

Strongman: "Without me, It's chaos"

Our strongman wants to rule Cambodia until at least 2012. According to him, nobody can be PM. He's the only one who can govern. The rest of the Khmer people are incompetent. Without him, it's the end of the world. He warned that if he resigns or dies, Cambodia will be in turmoil. This is a desperate call to illusion. For him it's " Sans moi, c'est le déluge." He's dreaming. He doesn't know that Cambodia has a Constitution. But to him, the Constitution, it's him. He's the clairvoyant dictator. If he's so good and so sure of being loved by the people, why doesn't he form his own party? Why does he want to stick with the CPP? After our strongman declared his power and indispensability, Heng Samrin declared that there were other leaders who could become PM. Can we see a split in the CPP? Without doubt, our strongman has power within the CPP. That's why he was able to exile Chea Sim for a while. If that's the case why doesn't he eliminate Chea Sim and his supporters? Could he really get rid of Chea Sim and his supporters without bloodshed? So what's the roadmap? Continue to stay with the CPP or walk out with his supporters to form a new party with SKP. What's the strategy here? HS + SKP = pseudo-communist+pseudo-royalist party? Who will follow SKP? With the new party, who's going to be the head? HS won't be submissive to SKP. SKP wants to be the leader unless he got the honorary post of chairman and do nothing. Big title with a lot of money and no power. Is he satisfied with that? Sure as long as HS promised him that some day he'll make SKP the next king. It'll be a good play à la Broadway to see these two live together hoping to rule Cambodia for the next century!


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