Proleung Khmer

Friday, December 29, 2006


Cambodia was ranked 130 in the 2005 Corruption Perception Index published by Transparency International, where a list of 158 countries was outlined and the least corrupt one was placed first.

Cambodia established the Anti-Corruption Authority (ACA) earlier this year, but so far corruption is still rampant.

Deja Vu

Prince Ranariddh was removed from the presidency of FUNCINPEC, kicked out of the party and stripped of his parliamentary seat and immunity. It's a deja vu. He should remember well when he did exactly the same thing to Sam Rainsy. He filed a lawsuit against the new FUNCINPEC for kicking him out. When Sam Rainsy was kicked out from FUNCINPEC by Ranariddh, the latter said that it was the right way to do. WHen Sam Rainsy created a party named after his name, Ranariddh derided Sam Rainsy. Now today Ranariddh folowed Sam Rainsy's footstep by naming his own after his own name. Waht an irony.

Ranariddh wrote to the King Father that these people usurped his asset which is FUNCINPEC given to him by the King Father. It's like a plot of land that he inherited from the King Father and he allowed the people to live in there. But in return they took over his land. So why did he let the whole thing happen?

Ranariddh got what he asked for. He neglected the affairs of the party. He got a mistress without caring for his followers. So the latter revolted and wanted a reformed FUNCINPEC to stand for the communal elections on April 1, 2007. So he should blame himself for his problems.

When he was the head of FUNCINPEC he was not able to make his party the dominant party (remember that he won the lection in 1993 and became Prime Minister for a short period of time), so what are his prospects with his new party? He has to start all over again. It's better for him to live in France with his mistress and wealth.

Ranariddh's trouble is not over yet. His wife Marie is sueing him for adultery and infidelity under the polygamy law. If convicted Ranariddh will face up to 5 years in prison. Don't worry for him. The King will always pardon him.

Anayway Ranariddh is the past.